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Why? I remember as a wee lad (in Quebec), my dear papa with a warm smile that grew exponatially when sipping this magical golden necter from his homeland. Fast forward too many years and I have become my dear papa. My growing appreciation follows one of the most complete Single Maly lin-ups in Scarborough. 

Our single malt silection is a start and tribute o one of the worlds finest pours. We've built our colletion around the various Taisting regions and try to offer you either oyou favourite or a soon-to-be favourite.    

Single Malt Scotch


Check out our social media for live events and music at the Olde Stone Cottage Pub. Don't miss out on the energy and fun! 

Live Music

Experience Toronto's Premier Patio Destination in the East End! Enjoy the Finest Outdoor Dining and Atmosphere at The Olde Stone Cottage Pub.

The Patio

Outdoor Restaurant Area

From an intimate cocktail reception to a full multi-course meal, at the Cottage, we can accommodate many different events to suit your needs. 

Our goal is to allow you the flexibility to make your party truly memorable. Our team is at your service to ensure even the smallest details are taken care of so you don't have to.​

See the links below for our current options, but know we are still working on it. If there is something you have in mind, don't hesitate to ask. 

Have a look and give us a call (416 265 7932) or email

Yes, you can bring the Cottage home? We can even deliver (20 or more).

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