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The Loft

Events from 20 - 200

From an intimate cocktail reception to a full multi-course meal, at the Cottage, we can accommodate many different events to suit your needs. 

Our goal is to allow you the flexibility to make your party truly memorable. Our team is at your service to ensure even the smallest details are taken care of so you don't have to.​

Where to Start?

You can be assured that we will do our utmost to accommodate you and make the occasion memorable - let's get started.  Give us a call @416 265 7932 or email us with your date, time and approximate group size  or fill-out the nifty PARTY INFO PLEASE form.

How About Some Food?

We have found that groups of people occasionally like to eat. With that in mind have a look at our "Group Appetizer Menu" and some samples or our multi-course fix menus (completely customizable - more on that later).

Group Appetizer Menu
Fix Price Example Menu 1Fix Price Example Menu 2 
Fix Price Example Menu 3

Note that your Fix Price menu will be customized for you!

See More Info Below

Party Info Please
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Reservations / Deposit / Room charge

There are many room/area options for guests 20 to 200.

Areas on our main floor are available at no charge, but anything over 20 people requires a credit card hold or refundable deposit to secure the reservations.     

If your group is large enough, the room is you and your party only.

The Loft is a private room on the second floor (no elevator) that accommodates up to 50 people. On  weekends there is a room fee for its use. For $150, you are provided with dedicated service, customised room set-up, sound, and AV equipment. For $250 you get a dedicated bartender and a active, customizable bar. Daytime events are 11:30PM through 5PM and evening events are 6PM till closing 12AM.

We do have a $600 minimum food and beverage charge for events.

What will it Cost

In terms of price, generally speaking, if you are looking for "finger foods" the cost is between $15 - $20 per guest. On the beverage side we can manage it any way you like from cash bar to fully open bar. Cost is dependent on consumption. Our basic Bar Prices are $6 - $9 for most alcoholic beverages.

Rooms, Spaces and Capacity

Main floor (including poolroom): 100-200 Guests
Pool Room: 30- 50 Guests
Dining Room: 30- 50 Guests
Main Bar: 20 – 30 Guests
The Cottage (front separated with a half wall): 20 -30 Guests  
The Loft (private space, 2nd floor): 25-50 Guests

Larger groups will utilize several adjoining spaces. Example: Pool + Dining Room for 75 guests


Food Options

Catering options begin with reservations of 20 or more

If you are interested in a Cocktail style party, we suggest looking at our Party and Catering Menu and choose a few items. From there we can help you “size” your order accordingly.   As a basic guideline, we suggest the following number of items based on the number of guests:

20 – 50 Guests | 4-6 items
50 – 70 Guests | 5-7 items
70+ Guests | 7-8 items

If you are interested in a full meal for your guests, we offer both customized Fixed Price menu and Buffet. To start we do have a few example menus that we would be happy to tailor to your needs.


Drink Options

We are pleased to offer you full bar services and drink options. For larger events, we can manage a cash bar (guests pay for themselves), open bar (host pays for beverages) or some combination of the two.

Since consumption varies greatly from group to group, we generally don’t offer a “fixed price” open bar option.

Depending on the area your party takes place in, you may be able to bring in your own entertainment. If your event area shares the restaurant with our regular patrons, you would be advised if there is entertainment planned for that time.

In general, the space is yours. You can come in an hour prior to your event and decorate.  If available, you may be able to come in even earlier. We do ask that you don’t use any adhesive that is harmful to our paint, and you remove all your decorations once the event is over and no confetti please.

PA / Screens
We can supply a PA for speeches and a screen or screens for any video display. Please talk with one of our staff prior to your event to ensure compatibility with your device.


We do have white linen tablecloths that are available for your party. Please let us know in advance your requirements. There is a $10 charge per tablecloth used.  


Taxes and Gratuities

All prices are before HST (13%) and auto gratuity (18%). There is no gratuity on the room fee.

Party FAQ

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